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Nora Armani - Actor Reel - English 

Run Time: 1:30 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

This is Nora Armani's actor reel, with non-exhaustive clips from recent film and TV appearances. Only English language clips are grouped here. French, Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Russian and Italian can be seen/heard on the other reels (coming soon).
Nora Armani - Actor Reel - Arabic & English 

Run Time: 2:46 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Clips from Dima Sbeitan's film Salam Shalom - with Nora Armani in the lead role of Camilia, a Palestinian woman in Brooklyn who discovers on her 30th wedding anniversary that her only son's great love is an Israeli girl who he intends to marry!

Nora Armani - Clip  - French (Paris)

Run Time: 9:20 min

Le Néflier: Journal d'une chômeuse 

A film by Isabelle Ouzounian
with Nora Armani and Vincent Barraud
An unemployed woman seeks a meaning
to her life...
Nora Armani - Actor Reel - Arabic & English 

Run Time: 1:56 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

A selection of clips from Films and TV series (mostly the Arabic ones) that Nora Armani has appeared in with Gamil Rateb, Mohammed Sohi, and others.

Evocations of Armenia - (montage)  MET Museum

Run Time: 5:29 min

Actor Nora Armani
Cellist David Bakamjian

A compelling poetic and musical journey through time, featuring solo cello and spoken word.  Evocations of Armenia was originally created for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, as part of the "Sunday at the MET" series

Nora Armani - Actor Reel - Arabic Comedy

يا بن الوزير - ARABIC COMEDY

- Y'Ebn El Wazir - Pilot

Directed by Amin Matalqa
starring: comedians Ronnie Khalil and  
Meena Dimian. Also featuring Maz Siam and
Nora Armani . (edited clip 2'24)
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