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Photos by Xiaopeng Zhan

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Mercedes and Zaruhi is a play told by Zaruhi, the younger of two sisters brought up in Greece with the love of their homeland in their hearts and the possible return home constantly on their minds. Based on true events, the play represents an important page in Soviet History that is rarely discussed. It is a monodrama about the repatriations to the Soviet Union in the late 1940s during Stalin’s reign and is told through the correspondence between the two sisters.


“...I loved the performance. [Nora Armani] tells a great story--suspenseful, warm, human, and funny, with great characters, and [her] depiction of the slowly aging protagonist was deeply moving; especially the final scene. A memorable evening in the theatre.” 

Marvin Carlson 
Distinguished Professor of Theatre and Performance at the City University of New York - Graduate Center.

Back On the Couch with Nora Armani

Photos by Xiaopeng Zhan

The humorous yet poignant tale of a woman reconciling her past and heritage with who she is today. With music and song, Armani takes the audience on a personal journey of self-discovery filled with comical anecdotes, bittersweet memories, life, and love; a journey all audiences identify with especially those who have struggled to belong. Engaging, creative, inspiring. 

Written and performed with tremendous energy [ ] great actress [ ] amazingly natural [ ]  has great presence. On-Line Review London

 [ ] fluid and engaging [ ] frequently humorous and always humane.The Stage


An insightful piece of theatre. The lyrical language [ ] reflects her linguistic talents. Armani manages to fill the stage and gives an enlightening performance." Camden New Journal


[Back] On the Couch with Nora Armani  

Solo show DVD 

Written and performed by Nora Armani Directed for the DVD by Niki Bhattacharya Directed for the stage by François Kergourlay 
10-minute montage from the full-length (68 minutes) DVD on sale now.

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Gallery of photos from the play's archives 

Photos by Narine and The Fountain Theatre.

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