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Directing: iMigrant Woman


SRFF 2021 - Official Selection (click image to view trailer)

Nora Armani recently graduated from Hunter College - MA in Theatre.


Presnyakov Brothers 

Directed by Velani Dibba 

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Columbia University - LenFest Centre for the Arts. 

Nora Armani-Terrorism 1-Photo:Heidi Bohn
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Nora Armani-Terrorism A1-Photo:Heidi Boh
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Nora Armani-Terrorism 3-Photo:Heidi Bohn
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Nora Armani-Terrorism 2-Photo:Heidi Bohn
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Nora Armani-Terrorism 4-Photo:Heidi Bohn
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Nora Armani-Terrorism 5-Photo:Heidi Bohn
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Photos by: Heidi Bohnenkamp

  • Stage: Terrorism 
    LenFest Center for the Arts, Dir. by Velani Dibba

  • Stage: Raison d'être: An Evening of Pirandello - The Mother J. Jewell Productions, Dir. by Patrick Mulryan. Read review.

  • TV: The Blacklist: RedemptionNBC TV - S1E1 - Kevin Jensen.

  • Film: Crossing the Line by Andre F. Degas - Marmar - Nubia Films

  • Stage: There is a Field by Jen Marlowe - Jamila - PACCUSA, Dir. by Heather Holmes.

  • Stage: Shame by Sholeh Wolpe - Simin - Centenary Stage Co., Dir. by Michaela Kafka.

  • Stage: House of Olives by Chad Restum - Sitt Maryam - Bristol Riverside Theatre, Dir. by Ron Canada

  • Video release of the award-winning play Sojourn at Ararat - performed on 4 continents in over 25 cities worldwide and at Joe's Pub in New York.

  • Stage: Mercedes - Zaruhi (lead) - National Theatre of Armenia.  

  • Stage: Of Sacred Wrath - Nina - Davenport Theatre New York

  • Film: Hungry - by Jillie and Thomas SimonNutritionist - Endorphin Records. 

  • Film: Good Funk - by Adam KitzlerMartha - Indie Prod.


Check IMDb for further updates or just Google 'Nora Armani'

Extensive VO work since 1992 (Mac Guyver, Cagney & Lacey, Top Gun, Raiders of the Lost Arc, Hunter, Protocol, Falco, Dalida, to name a few) and most recently, The Cut by Fatih Akin, Inferno by Ron Howard, The Promise by Terry George,  in addition to various narration gigs on documentary and industrial projects in English, French, Armenian, Arabic, Italian and Turkish in Europe and the US. (Demos available upon request). 

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